Gold Drum and Bugle Corps

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Gold Drum and Bugle Corps
Gold logo.png
LocationOceanside, California
DivisionOpen Class
DirectorDr. Donald Flaherty

The Gold Drum and Bugle Corps is an Open Class competitive junior drum and bugle corps. Based in Oceanside, California, Gold performs in Drum Corps International (DCI) competitions.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The Hawthorne Gold Drum and Bugle Corps was founded in 2005 in Hawthorne, California by Dr. Donald Flaherty & Juan C. Leguizamon, Dr. Flaherty remains as the corps' executive director.[2][3]

For its first five seasons, the corps competed only within the state of California. In 2010, the corps relocated to Oceanside, in order to be accessible to more of the youth of Southern California and changed its name to Gold Drum and Bugle Corps.

The corps first ventured out of California in 2011, traveling to Salt Lake City for one performance, then on to Loveland and Denver, Colorado for DCI's Drums Along the Rockies regional competitions.

Gold had first attended the DCI World Championships in 2007, when DCI traveled west to Pasadena, and had placed 9th of 15 corps in Division III. Since 2012, Gold has traveled to the Midwest, to attend the DCI World Championships in Michigan City and Indianapolis, Indiana.

In 2013, Gold was joined by students from the Laizhou Martial Arts Institute of Laizhou, China as performers in the corps' show, "East Meets West." The school had been featured performers in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.[4]

Gold was noted for the gold finish on the horn line's instruments until 2015 when they switched from Gold Yamaha Horns to Jupiter Horns with a silver finish.

Sponsorship[edit | edit source]

The Gold Drum and Bugle Corps is sponsored by Gold Youth Arts Organization, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) musical organization that has a Board of Directors, corps director, and staff assigned to carry out the organization's mission. The Executive Director is Donald Flaherty, Ed.D.[2]

Show Summary (2005–2022)[edit | edit source]


Gold background indicates DCI Championship; pale blue background indicates DCI Class Finalist; pale green background indicates DCI semifinalist; pale purple background indicates Open Class finalist (but not champion) and World Class semifinalist.

Year Theme Repertoire Score DCI Placement
2005 Introductions Original music by corps staff Did not attend
2006 The Black Widow Original music by corps staff Did not attend
2007 Spanish Gold Original music by corps staff 74.175 9th Div. III
2008 "29,029 ft: EVEREST" Did not attend
2009 Entomology Entomology by Travis Larson Did not attend
2010 Primary Colors Yellow, Blue & Red by Travis Larson Did not attend
2011 Reel to Real Repertoire unavailable Did not attend
2012 Different Dunkle und Rau, Different & Celebration! by Scott Director 84.300
7th Open Class
26th World Class
2013 East Meets West Pingpang, Mínyáo & Zuìzhong by Scott Director 86.750
6th Open Class
26th World Class
2014 The Journey The Journey by Scott Director 74.125
6th Open Class
28th World Class
2015 POP STAR Pop Star by Scott Director with Rich Hinshaw, and Joe Millea
Based on Toxic by Cathy Dennis, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg, and Henrik Jonback
8th Open Class
34th World Class
2016 El Dia De Los Muertos Movement 1: Processional / Movement 2: The Offering / Movement 3: Celebration
by Scott Director, Niko Jasniewicz, and Sean Gordon
8th Open Class
30th World Class
2017 Grow Movement 1: The Seed / Movement 2: The Sapling / Movement 3: Struggle / Movement 4: Maturity
by Scott Director
7th Open Class
29th World Class
2018 Through Our Eyes Movement 1: Black and White / Movement 2: Through Our Eyes / Movement 3/4: Dyslexiaphrenia
Original compositions by Scott Director with Sean Gordon and David Miranda
3rd Open Class
23rd World Class
2019 The Pursuit of Happiness The Rat Race~Main Title by Elmer Bernstein /
Love, Love, Love, Love, Love; Money; Happiness Found
All by Scott Director
3rd Open Class
22nd World Class
2020 Season cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
2021 Speakeasy Proud Mary by John Fogerty / Dedicated to the One I Love by Lowman Pauling and Ralph Bass /
Big Noise from Winnetka by Bob Haggart and Ray Bauduc
2022 The Gift

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